On Borrowed Time


The story involves a couple, Brandon and Heather Murrow who had a love that stood the test of time and knew no boundaries — until one day, tragedy struck when a thug’s gun goes off in a mugging. Now separated from his soul mate, Brandon must pick up the pieces of his life with the help of his new wife, Jenaveve. However, he is still haunted by the image of Heather to the point that he loses all sense of reality. Now it’s a race against time to find his true love and save himself.


Excelsior Unlimited Entertainment, LLC, is proud to present On Borrowed Time. Written and produced by Derrick J. Johnson whose directing credits include The Proposal, Vow, and the Angel of Death franchise. The film is also produced by Elsa Garcia who also produced The Proposal and Vow, and Martha Caldera who served also served as casting director on this film. Franke Jimenez was First Assistant Director, Louis Bzdyk was the Director of Photography, Elsa Garcia was Art Director, Martha Caldera was Casting Director and all editing was done by Derrick J. Johnson.


On Borrowed Time was accepted and screened at the Cinema Paradisio Film Festival on October 27, 2014. Since then, it has received many accolades, including being nominated for the 2015 Best Short Film by the Film Carpet X Awards.