The Perfect Plan


A group of small-time criminals (Tommie Jesse, Lorna Garcia, Sven Anderson and Trent Stover) led by Vinnie Bruno (Dan Lubner) kidnap the daughter (Cathy Racich) of a powerful Italian Don (Antonio Fabrizio) as a part of an elaborate plan for Bruno to get his revenge on Don Diacco. However, his plan goes wrong when one of his men accidentally shoots the daughter. Now, they must come up with a new plan to get the Don’s ransom money and for Bruno to get his revenge.


Excelsior Unlimited Entertainment, in conjunction with Vega Productions, presents The Perfect Plan. A comedy short film directed by Tennille Vega and written Derrick J. Johnson, Joseph A. King and Tennille Vega. The film was produced by Derrick J. Johnson and the screenplay was written by Joseph A. King.